Watson Real Estate – 50 Years Of Experience

Watson Real Estate

Watson Real Estate – 50 Years Of Experience

Watson Real Estate

also, known as…

Ross Watson Real Estate & The Watsons

(Not to be confused with Watson Integrity licensed REAA Manawatu.)

Ross and Barbara Watson (Ross Lyle Watson Real Estate) are a family-owned real estate agency that has operated in the Whanganui Market since 2008. With a number of salespeople, three offices, and 50 years of experience combined, the Watsons have been able to grow their agency into a thriving business.

Watson Real Estate Marton

The Watsons offer real estate services in Whanganui but their salesperson, Phillip Mullins, services the Marton area and sells all types of real estate and property. Their local competition is Property Brokers, Team Lewis Innovation and several other local real estate agents.

They now offer property management services as well. Their current management shows strong growth, with over 200 properties using this service nationwide. In addition, they now offer their clients a full property maintenance service that covers all aspects of maintenance for any building. They cover everything from minor building repairs to painting and rubbish removal.

Watson Real Estate Jobs

If you are looking for work in the real estate industry then both of these companies offer boutique real estate opportunities.

So, would you be a new Landlord?

People returning to the industry have put in time and effort, without it necessarily going to waste. They work with tenants effectively, at the core ideals of property investing.

Despite recent law changes and increased rates, if you’re looking for long-term investments, then property is an excellent choice.

It has been shown that speculative property investing is cyclical. When the market is up, more speculators will come and buy.

As a long-term buy-and-hold investor, you know it’s always been about the numbers, making sure they add up and leaving some fat in for unexpected expenses.

Even though there is good evidence to back up the changes that are made, it can be argued that there are strong political affiliations behind them. Private landlords provide most rental services, and they must be encouraged to feed into the supply problem. 

The New Zealand housing market is experiencing a drop in confidence among investors. Although there have been many changes recently, the country has faced a lot of instability during recent months.

The bright line test, LVR rules, and the more recent revision of the bright line test to five years and legislation around the quality of the properties make it much more difficult these days.

The New Zealand government is focusing on rental properties and changing tax rates. For instance, they could shift from Income Tax to Capital Gains Tax.

There has never been a more important time to use an experienced property manager and both of these companies will be able to help you with that.

We Love New Zealand Real Estate

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