Staging A House For Sale: 5 Simple Steps To Success

Staging a house for sale

Staging A House For Sale: 5 Simple Steps To Success

Staging a house for sale is often considered the most effective way of drawing interest from potential buyers. According to the USA Real Estate Staging Association‘s independent consumer’s guide to staging, the process is all about blending real estate experience with creative design principles.

And even sometimes, home renovations draw potential buyers and encourage them to make an offer on a property. This allows potential home buyers to “shop” for homes without actually moving into them.

Staging Needs Flair

If you don’t have a flair for something like staging then you need to take the Japanese approach and copy. Search for before and after pictures online to give you some inspiration. Staging can be as simple as putting a throw over your tired lounge suite or it can be as extensive as hiring brand new furniture.

Many people consider this a “smarten up” process – as it allows them to not only look at various homes but also to keep abreast of current events within the real estate market.

Other people think of staging as simply adding pizzazz and appeal to a home so that a potential buyer will be persuaded to make an offer on the property.

Is All Staging The Same?

Staging a house for sale in Wellington is no different to staging a house for sale in NZ. Home staging ideas are not likely to be much different to home staging ideas in 2022 or probably 2030 for that matter.

Home staging before and after makes quite a difference. The picture on the right is far more appealing than the one on the left.

Staging is used by professional home stagers to bring a unique flair or personality to a property that real estate buyers might otherwise find unappealing. The idea is to uplift the setting.

Different Forms

Staging can take place in many different forms. It is becoming far more popular to stage a home for sale. You can hire a stager who will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind feel while still providing a service that is in keeping with traditional real estate selling methods.

Staging A House On A Budget

This can be more difficult but certainly not impossible. You need to reuse and repurpose what you already have. A simple throwover can reform an old lounge suite for example.

Remove Clutter

One of the things stagers will do is to carefully remove clutter from every room that is to be staged. In general, the rooms that will be staged for sale should have no visible clutter – but potential buyers will always see the walls and ceiling of these rooms.

So it is important to remove as much clutter as possible. The reason why a home needs to have no visible clutter is that it makes the house appear smaller than it is. Staging also makes the space appear more spacious, which is very appealing to potential buyers.

In addition to removing visible clutter, do your best to have as much of the home’s characteristics and character intact as possible.

Fresh Flowers

Another characteristic that will need to be kept intact is the colours of the home. When staging a house for sale stagers will often go as far as using fresh flowers to highlight the rooms. This does not have to be expensive and is easily done yourself.

Potential buyers are very drawn to clean and bright spaces, so bright and fresh flowers in the correct arrangement can be quite effective. For example, fresh flowers on the coffee table can add a nice touch.

Highlight Features

Staging a home will also require including certain features of the property that make it appealing. For example, ideally, tables that are mounted at the head of a room will make the room seem larger while hanging plants at the back of the room will make it seem more private.

Colour Schemes

The other thing that home staging professionals will do to stage the home’s interior is to dress the house appropriately.

Choose a colour scheme and lighting scheme that would look best within a particular space.

Staging A House For Sale

The Biggest Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when staging a house for sale is that they do not take care of the interior. This is because most buyers, especially those looking to move in the next few months, are not interested in living in a house that is only going to be used for a short time.

They want to live in a home that will easily be furnished, will feel comfortable and will provide a higher price. With this in mind, it becomes extremely important to take care of the interiors of the house.

Staging for sale adds an extra level of professionalism. Staging a home ensures that all potential buyers get to experience the home first-hand.

Staging companies use stage professionals who know exactly how to stage houses in a way that buyers will feel at home during the entire time they are there. It also helps if you have someone else do the staging for you as well.

This will provide you with extra peace of mind because you won’t have to take care of the staging yourself.

This means that you must always make sure that everything about the house is appealing and that buyers will feel as though they are living in an authentic home. If you use these tips properly, you can ensure that your home will appeal to buyers much more than if you just leave everything as it is.

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