Property Valuers – 7 Great Reasons To Use One

Property Valuers

Property Valuers – 7 Great Reasons To Use One

Property Valuers: If you are looking for qualified Taranaki property valuers, Manawatu/Whanganui, Wellington property valuers or property valuers Auckland, property valuers North Shore, property valuers Hibiscus Coast, property valuers Christchurch, South Auckland property valuers, a good place to start is here

Property Valuations

Property valuers are governed by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers, often referred to as the Property Valuers Association. This was formed in 1938 and is governed by the Valuers Act 1948. 

They oversee the valuation profession. Members of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers meet high ethical standards enforced by the Valuers Act 1948 and adhere to a set of practice standards that are approved by NZIV. One of NZIV’s functions is to ensure members follow ethical and professional practice standards, as well as protect the profession, and promote its interests. 

Bank-approved valuers are usually registered valuers and this is important to banks and other institutions to ensure a property is correctly valued. They may also be used as commercial valuers, covering most areas of property valuing and members often specialise in different parts of the industry. 

The Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ) has been established as the voice of property professionals. They have 2,000 members and its membership is mostly made up of Valuers, Property and Facilities Managers, Property Advisors, Consultants, Infrastructure Valuers, Plant and Machinery Valuers, and Residential Properties Managers. 

If you are searching for a leading residential property valuer consultant they can be found throughout New Zealand and can be relied upon to give you the most accurate valuation possible. And over the years they have been trusted by the community and financial institutions. 

If you are wondering who Auckland’s leading residential property valuer is then that is debatable. All registered valuers are fully qualified and capable of valuing residential and commercial property valuations. 

How is a property valued?

When you get a property valuation you get an independent assessment of the value of that property. This will be based on numerous aspects and includes, comparing your property to recent sales and current market conditions, information from the local council and the size and condition of the property. This is often a requirement by lenders when you apply for a mortgage. 

How much is a registered valuation NZ?

A registered valuation can start from as little as $650 + GST for a standard property but this will increase depending on the value of the property and how complex the requirements are. However, a more realistic fee is likely to be around $1,000 these days according to some reports and if you want a commercial or industrial property valued you can expect to pay a lot more. 

How long does a registered valuation last?

A registered valuation generally remains valid for 3-6 months but this depends on what your financial institution requires and of course, market conditions. A valuation will generally take 2-4 days to complete but that depends on how busy your valuer is. 

If you are looking for a registered valuer in the Manawatu/Whanganui region then we highly recommend you talk to Morgans Property Advisors.

If you are looking to get finance, buy or sell a home, purchase a lifestyle block or investment property, renovate, expand or subdivide; Morgans Property Advisors can accurately assess what your property is worth.

As well as doing registered valuations, they can also advise on a range of residential and lifestyle property decisions such as how to market your home, set rental returns and estate planning.

Let them help you make better-informed property decisions.

Their residential and lifestyle property valuation services include:

  1. Finance valuations – your bank may request this when you apply for a mortgage
  2. Pre-purchase or pre-sale valuations – ensure you buy or sell your house for what it is worth
  3. House developments off plans – assess what your new house will be worth once it is built
  4. Refurbishment of existing dwelling – understand how the cost of your renovations will affect the value of your house
  5. Subdivision – find out how subdividing will affect the value of your property
  6. Marketing advice – determine the best strategy to market your property
  7. Insurance – check if your property is insured for the right value
  8. Pre-fire indemnity – value a damaged asset as it was before the loss
  9. Matrimonial – providing fair market values for respective parties
  10. Estate planning – get an independent valuation of all estate assets
  11. Compensation – ensure you get adequate compensation for any loss of value to your property
  12. Rental – manage your investment property to achieve maximum returns
  13. Depreciation/tax allocation – apportion value between various assets within a property that attracts different tax rates
  14. Unit entitlements – get an independent valuation of unit entitlements, including for common property
  15. Chattels – assess the value of your property’s chattels
  16. You can contact Morgans Property Advisors for accurate and independent property valuations and consultancy advice at 06 347 8448 or visit
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